Race Rugs is a family owned business created to address an environmental concern in the off road race world. Our pit rug, pit mat, gas mat, environmental rug, diaper, what ever you want to call it, if your looking for a product to catch oil and fuel and keep it from contaminating the surrounding area this is it. More and more government land is being shut down to automotive/motorcycle racing because of noncompliance with use permits issued by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) requiring racers to use impermeable gas mats, Pit mats, and/or Pit rugs. Until now there has been no product that met all of the BLM permit requirements.Race Rugs, gas mats, Pit mats and pit rugs meet ALL the standards required by the BLM! Our rugs are high quality, lightweight, easy to store, and impermeable to fuels. Gas Mats are designed with raised edges to contain significant spills. Rugs are approximately 5' x 8' and together can fold to fit into one large duffel bag. Order your pit rugs and gas mats today so that more land is not closed to off road racing! Our product also addresses concerns on construction sites, and anywhere you would not want fuel or oil contaminating the environment